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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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One Day the Sun will Shine with A different Glow ,and the Warmth will be so True , the Sweet Smell's of Spring and Summer Reminds Me of You , the Bright Glow of the Fall Star's when I Look into Your Lovely Eye's ,Your Skin so Soft like the Pedal's of a Rose I do Desire. Your Touch as Gentle as a Feather Drifting in the Wind , I Grasp to have once again.Soon I will Wake to You by my side ,Sharing these Feelings Side by Side.Remember this My Butterfly I Care and Love You as much as Life.

By Edward Kingston 19/09/2001


Love, trust, care,
And understanding what we have and to
Lie on you I will not do
Yes,you're the only one I love
And nobody can make us apart

Lamberto Rosario 19/09/2001

I dream of a girl who will make me happy and make me smile,
I dream of a girl who will love me and make it worth my while,
I dream of a girl who will be true to me and only me,
I dream of a girl who will last for all eternity,
I dream of a girl who'll help me out when IM an in a bind,
I dream of a girl who will always be sweet and kind,
I dream of a girl who would love me for what ive become,
I dream of a girl who wont tell me my actions are dumb,
I dream of a girl whom i can love in even the worst of weather,
I beautiful girl i dream of , her name is HEATHER.



A Deep Love

When I look into your eyes,
I try my best to see,
if I'm every thing you dream of
if this love is meant to be.

I look deeper finding questions,
and a past of loneliness,
but I also see a light,
trying to fill your emptiness.

You want me to understand,
that your afraid to fall again
Your heart cant take more pain
and I don't know how it's been.

But let me tell you something,
I've had my share of pain,
yet, through in all I learned
that there's a rainbow after rain.

Let me be the answer,
to the confusion of your soul.
Ill be the hand that guides you.
Ill make your spirit whole.

Looking in your eyes,
I see you need to find,
A love to mend your broken heart,
So let me give you mine.

From: Michael Moore 19/09/2001


An inspiration called

When I see you walk by, something in me makes me feel good I am alive.

When you smile, I feel as if the sun rises in a valley created by the
mountains, simple and as he should, in a quiet display of grandeur and
majesty, and yet so seemingly unaware of his beauty,

When you blink your eyes, it feels like a small wave caresses the shore
and recedes back, and repeats itself again,

When I see your eyes, there is a certain depth in your expression, a
certain understanding, a certain deep and far away gaze that inspires me to dream of things I would not, see sights I cannot, experience a freedom I havennot felt, feel the warmth and joy and beauty of a thousand candles lighting a dark room, my heart begins to beat in a manner which seems initially to be chaotic, only for me to realize that its just in a new and different harmony of its own, beating on a new note.

When I see you speaking on the phone or working on your computer, all I feel is the need to talk to you, not even to talk to you. To just sit
by you and watch you, to convince myself that I am indeed so lucky to be in the presence of such breathtaking beauty, a beauty that is so
inspirational that all else seems to exist simply because you exist,
everything derives meaning from your existence alone.

I feel the urge to sit with you, and just listen. Not so much your
voice, but just to understand how someone as exquisitely and
astonishingly beautiful as you, thinks. I just want to hold your hand
and sit on a high hilltop, stare at the stars, your dark eyes, and
listen to you speak, or even share the moment quietly.

And all I want is to be your friend, to be able to have you as a friend
to share my dreams, to understand yours, to have a friend who doesn't
seem to judge me, and to be with someone who has wonderful eyes, sheer elegance and grace of demeanor and someone who can bring me to feel wonderful about life again, to be with a person like you, and walk the steps of life as a genuine friend.

I imagine that.

On a rainy day, the rain falls down on the ground, wetting the crowds in
its relentless pour, and you step out slowly from a building, your
innocence and charm and beauty in all its splendor, as you look out
hesitatingly into the rain, and your mind wonders freely as a little
child with no bounds and with no one knowing what goes in, and you smile a quiet smile to yourself, the world slowly begins to fade from my eyesas you step out into the rain, the rain parts itself gently around your silhouette, it too gently curving around your body in an expression of the poetry of art and shapes, and attempts to caress your body without wetting you. And you walk on completely oblivious of the effect you have on the world and nature around you, you continue to walkâ ¦ To me watching you, it seems like you are stationary, and the world moves around you.

I feel like I am in a dream from which I don't want to wake up, and life
seems like a long instant, and I forget to breathe, blink, think, and
when I snap out, I heave a deep sigh, not so much to catch up on my breath ,but out of a feeling of unfinished happiness that the moment of watching you, which seemed like an eternity, has come to an end, and Isee you take another step, and I begin again.

Ashwin Ramaswamy 18/09/2001

The Pain of Losing a Love

It seemed so complete
it was all like a dream
My life having you...
but could perfection really be?

I needed some time
I broke without despair
But could this time away
Really be the repair?

We held onto happiness
Just cause it felt so good
Did we just pretend to be happy
Is what i never really understood

Question after question
We played it like a game
But no matter the winner
It would never feel the same

We were both so confused
All those words we both sent
...Everything I said got twisted
and was never what I meant

My stomach seemed to grumble
And twisted into a knot
I feel horrible without you
I felt like I was bought

I thought that I owed me
I thought that I didn't give
You just cared more for me
Without me, you said you couldn't live

... I remember you so nicely
You always had a smile...
And all those painful memories
Somehow made it all worthwhile

But finally I break down
Out in the open it has to be
I've seemed to have lost that tingle
That no-reason to smile, with glee

I will never leave you
By your side I will stay
We will always be best friends
But for now, it's just that way

I needed to let you know
This space from you I need
I thought it was selfish of me
I even thought it was greed

But i need to figure out
If we can be together for this long
And I want to let you know
I may not always be gone

So let us part for a moment
Forever, a word not to be used
Maybe we'll understand better
And we won't be so confused

Meghann McCormick 18/09/2001


A kiss may fade
A tear may dry
But my love for u will never die.

Angel 18/09/2001


Love is the ability to want to spend the rest of you lifetime in that one special someone's arms and never let go.

When you fall in love, you are on air.

Chamlynn 18/09/2001



One Day the Sun will Shine with A different Glow ,and the Warmth will be so True , the Sweet Smell's of Spring and Summer Reminds Me of You , the Bright Glow of the Fall Star's when I Look into Your Lovely Eye's ,Your Skin so Soft like the Pedal's of a Rose I do Desire. Your Touch as Gentle as a Feather Drifting in the Wind , I Grasp to have once again.Soon I will Wake to You by my side ,Sharing these Feelings Side by Side.Remember this My Butterfly I Care and Love You as much as Life.

By Edward Kingston 18/09/2001


What night the moon asked me.

Why don't you leave him if he made you cry.

I looked up to the moon and said "Moon, will you leave your sky?"



"The sound of his voice"

The sound of his voice calls me from within.

It sounds like the voice of a wandering soldier looking for his home.

The sound of a child wanting to be loved.

The sound of a friend that's heart has been broken.

The sound of a lover when no words are spoken.

The sound of his voice lights a fire inside that never will die.

It sounds like the voice I have waited to hear,the one that has
been calling to me all of these years.

How can one single voice move me so much? Yet hold the key to
break me so much?

Why does the sound of his voice stir me so much, why do I long for it and need it so much?

The words that he says don't matter that much. It's
the feelings I have from the sound of his voice!

Stephanie Smith 16/09/2001

Distant and in Love

I feel your hand brush through my hair,
I feel your lips warm against mine,
I feel you breath down the nape of my neck,
and your arms around me tight.

But then my eyes open suddenly,
all I see is an empty darkness.
I feel my sheets rub against me,
and I realize it was all a dream

Sadness now overcomes me,
as I realize the true distance between us-
an unforgiving ocean
that keeps two young hearts apart.

I brush the tears off my cheek,
in hopes that tomorrow will come soon,
because each day that passes,
is one day that brings me closer to you.

Emanuela Briscese 16/09/2001


"Oh this love of mine!'

Through all the laughter,Through all the tears, sleepless nights, trials and fears. The one thing I find to always hold true, is
the feeling I have when I am with you!

Nothing more cheerished, nothing more true! The time that we share
will always hold true.

The love that we share is honest and real, like the love of a mother never yielding and always there.

The feelings I have when I am with you will always be special, never

Words could never explain the feelings inside I wish to express. The scariest thought that haunts me within is not losing you, or leaving you, It's never being able to feel like this again!

Stephanie Smith 16/09/2001


How Could The One?

How could the one I thought I loved,
let my love slip away?

How could the one I shared my all with,
just ignore me everyday?

How could the one I expressed my feelings to,
play for a game?

How could the one I trusted,
lie and tell me he cared, knowing I felt the same?

How could the one who called me everyday,
not tell me he has found another someone?

How could the one I thought was real,
just come out and tell me, we were done?

How could the one I thought was cute & funny,
walk pass and not tell me hi or goodbye?

How could the one I thought was upfront,
talk to me and not look me eye to eye?

How could the one I dreamed of spending the rest of my life with,
not love me too?
How could the one be

By Darnyell M. Johnson 15/09/2001


Solo tu
Haces brillar mi dia
Aunque este nublado
Y solo tu corazon
Me habla de ternura
Aunque haya silencio



If your asking if i need u the answer is...4ever
If your asking if i'll leave u the answer is...NEVER
If your asking what i value the answer is...YOU
If your asking if i love u the answer is...I DO


They say true love hides behind every corner


There are moments in life when u miss someone soo much that u want to pick them up from your dreams and hug them.


Love begins with a smile. Grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear!


Monica 15/09/2001


The Truth

The truth is i love you dear and and i need you in my life as my friend and soulmate someday even my wife.

The truth is your dateing all the wrong men giving everybody else a chance and forgetting your friend.

The truth is people say freinds should not date friends because it's not good but i know every thing about you and i think it's all good.

The truth is i'm really starting to run out of time and i'm about to give somebody else my wine.

And i really don't care how your mate thinks you are not the perfect couple and yes the truth stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLLA

BG's 14/09/2001



True loves never dies
When in doubt look to the skys
and there you will find the hope you need
Look to my heart and there you will find the answers you need
to show you true.
That I will always care
look in my eyes and love you shall see.



The Perfect Kiss

Standing there together
Holding each other tight
Each others heart beat
Every breath
And every move

We look into each others eyes
So close
So warm
We close our eyes
Begin to kiss
The kiss of true love
The Perfect Kiss
Like we're the only one's on earth
Just in our own world
Thinking of one day
One day
We say
Then the Perfect Kiss
We'll always have forever

By: Alicia Waters
For: Phil Whitmer 11/09/2001

Soul Mate

When I look into your pretty
blue eyes
I sink deep into your arms,
around me
Feels like I could stay there
I feel so warm
and your love for me

When you touch me I still get that feeling the first time you touched me
I want to feel that forever
And forever for you and I
has only just begun

Just to lay in your arms makes me feel so lucky to have found a man like you

I know we're still young but you and i both know we're going to one day
settle down and be married and be together forver

I truly beleive......
that i have found......
as my........
soul mate



I Miss You

I miss the us that used to be

I hate the fact that you donít miss me

I miss the love that we once had

I hate that now Iím the one whoís sad

I miss the way you used to hold me

I hate that you donít see what I see

I miss your voice, your taste, your touch

I hate the words you said that meant so much

I miss everything that is you

I hate all that is you too

I miss the way you made me real

I hate the sadness that I feel

But most of all Iím missing you

And most of all I hate that your not missing me too!

Lisa Allen 10/09/2001


Forget Him

Forget his face his warm ambrace,
Forget his love for he is gone,
Forget the times it's been so long.
Forget the times you were together,
Remember now he's gone forever.

Forget the times when you were scared,
Forget the fact he once cared.
Forget the times he made you cry,
Forget the times they've now gone by.
Forget the times you were alone,
Forget the nights on the phone.
Forget the times when you had fun,
Remember now your not the one.

Forget the time he washed your hair,
Forget the times he wasn't there.
Forget the way he whispered your name,
Remember now things aren't the same.

Forget the times you laughed and cried,
Forget the way he wiped your eyes.
Forget the times when he was true,
Forget the times it made you blue.
Forget the times you loved each other,
Remember now he's got another.

Forget the time he said he'd stay,
Forget the times he went away.
Forget the times he gave you flowers,
Forget the way his love was power.
Forget the love he gave to you,
Remember now she has it too.

Forget the times when he was there,
Remember now he doesn't care.

Forget he was your one and only,
Forget the times when you were lonely.
Forget the words that once were spoken,
Remember now your heart is broken.

Forget the time you loved the pain,
Forget his love that now is vain.
Forget the dates he took you on,
Forget his pleasure that now is gone.
Forget the times when you would fight,
Forget his endless love at night.
Forget the dinners that he would make,
Forget the love he wouldn't take.
Forget the prayer to heaven above,
Remember now you lost his love.

Forget the ways he turned you on,
Forget the times they played your song.
Forget the long nights you layed in bed,
Forget the sweet things he once said.
Forget the times you kissed in the rain,
Forget the love you couldn't gain.




by: casanova(MK) 10/09/2001


An angle amongst us

When you smile, your lips are like rose petals covered with morning dew
so tender and sweet
When you are beside me, you are the warmest sunshine that has her cast upon me
Your touch is filled with love words can't express
your hugs are always so warm and charming
When you walk, you are like angels dancing on clouds
When you talk, your voice is always so soothing and pleasant
Your heart is full of love that no one can't feel
And your presence is something that everybody enjoys
You are the angel filled with Love and happiness
And your smile and voice will always be remembered by all

Gary Y 10/09/2001


On a sunny day

The sun touches everything below
Shines on every spirit
like how we embrace one another

On a cloudy day
The sun exhales its way through the clouds
Strips of angels' breath
like how we kiss one another

One a rainy day
The sun dreams of passion
Watching over the rain drops
like how we wait for one another

On a sunny day
The sun warms up everything below
Embracing laughter in the air
like how we love one another

Miyako U 10/09/2001


Somebody once told me that good things are easy to find,
But if you really open your heart you'll learn that love is blind
It's a feeling that you get, not something you can see,
It's not something you can look for, or something you can be
It's the way you take my hand, the way I feel inside,
The way you hold me close, It's something I can not hide
It's all the little things, and everything you do
It's all the things you mean to me, and what I'd do for you
The one who told me, that good things are easy to find,
Must not have known that love is blind



"I'll Be"

I'll be your breath to carry you when you can't go on.

I'll be the arms that comfort you when you're feeling down.

The map to guide you when you've lost your way.

The bed to settle you after a long day.

The medicine to relieve you when you are weary.

The cover to hide under when all is to scary.

The sun that shines for you after the rain.

The comforter for all the misery and pain.

The ears to listen when no one else will.

The mouth to whisper you a gentle chill.

The heart that pumps for you and the love that will see us through.

by: Travis Phillips 09/09/2001


Thinking of You

I sit in my room thinking of you,
Hoping that you're thinking of me,
I really don't know what I'll do,
I guess I'll just have to wait and see,
I wish you didn't go away,
I wish you were near,
I really wish you were near,
I really wish that you could stay,
to chase away the harm and fear.

I lay in bed wondering what you're thinking of,
I guess I'll never know,
And here I'm thinking of love,
Thinking how I love you so,
I sit here remembering of the day we met,
Knowing that that's something I'll never forget.














By:Charlene Tucker



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