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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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Just a week ago we got together, I hope we'll last forever, but its something I need to say,I'll knock down anything in our way. What are we suppose to do, when somebody comes between me and you? When we first meshed you
were mine. I will get on my knees and pray, that we will never go astray, and never
let anything get in our way.t, it was like Romeo and
Juliet. Never letting anything come between you and I, when I saw you

Teiana Banks 20/01/2001


Love has no words,
Nor feelings fo me,
When I am down,
They jump for glee.

Love has no words,
No tender spots,
Just me and my feelings,
I miss him a lot.

Love is a storm,
It's wind is strong,
It breaks your heart,
You just feel wrong.

Love is a heartache,
It doesn't go away,
It last a long time,
Much more than a day.

Love is only fun,
When you hardly ever fight,
But there is always a chance,
That you might.

Love is rotten,
A bad apple times two,
When you finally think it's ok,
It turns it's back on you.

Love is a spell,
One that can be broken,
But only by anger,
Which isn't a token.

Love is wicked,
Don't try it ever,
It's so unpredictable,
Like the weather.

Written by Megan 20/01/2001


Ambigous Rejection

When you turned me down,

a dagger had pierced my heart,

filling it with misery,

yet did not kill my love for you.

Given a second chance,

would you push the dagger deeper inside,

ending my misery yet shattering my hope?

Or would you remove the dagger

releasing me from the torment, ending my suffering,

healing my soul and making me a happier person.

David 20/01/2001


I'm puttin my heart on the line.
Maybe I should write you a sign.
I put it there just for you.
I hope you feel the same way too.
Please don't break my heart,
Cuz then I'll have to put it back together part by part.
If you don't feel the same,
then don't cause me pain.
Don't lie about how you feel,
cause I'll know it isnt real.
No matter what happens,
no matter what you say,
how i feel about you,
will always stay.

Anon 18/01/2001


"Secret Crush"

I've known you for a while now
And you've always been good to me
But now I have these feelings inside
That I have to let go free
You make me feel so different
Whenever I'm with you
I've told you secrets, dreams and thoughts that noone ever knew
It's hard for me to tell you this since we've been close of friends
I'm afraid of what I'm about to say will bring it to an end
After all that you have read so far I would think you'd get the clue
But to make it a bit easier...
"I think I have a crush on you"

*celina* 16/01/2001


"Wanting You"

The days that you are gone my love
Its is you that I'll be dreaming of
I'll miss the taste of your soft lips
The warmth of our bodies when we're hip to hip
Sliding my fingers down your silky bare skin
It is your eyes that I have fallen so deeply in
Gently sucking and biting your tummy
Repeating the way you tell me you love me
Admiring your body your looking so sweet
From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet
My body starts to tremble as I kiss you here and there
And place my hands onto your head
And run them through your hair
Sweetie I can never say it enough but I love you in every way
Forever you'll always be in my heart
And forever it shall stay...

*celina* 16/01/2001


love is a wonderful thing
if you know how to appreciate it
love is a wonderful feeling
if you yourself can feel it

Emily 16/01/2001


As I sit here thinking about nothing, my heart races cause I know I need something, but when I sit and wonder what it is that I need, nothing comes to mind, I say to my self ,"maybe I'm just being me," maybe being me is what I need!

Anon 16/01/2001


Sometimes I wonder about love,
How something so pure, so simple, so tender and sweet
Could be as powerful and poisonous to every beat,
I struggle for answers to endless questions ,
Is love the foolishness worth taking?
Is love the wisdom worth risking?
The fear of a wingless fall
balances the rush of flying
But when you came swinging in to my life
into a life missing, but now complete,
How could I resist your heart, beat by beat
the gust of your love, that I know indeed
will spread my wings
besides, one portrait of your mystifying eyes
and your winning smile is enough
to love till eternity!

:) hello, my name is dan, and although i haven't quiet had a complete tour of your website, it seems very organized and full of great advice. above is a poem, that might not so compare to other's you have, but i thought i would give it a shot. i wrote it for my girlfriend who is away. thank you for your time.


Dan M.
Denver, CO 16/01/2001


Where do you hide your halo?
& Where do you have your wings
I know that you're an angel
Disguised as many things
Cause you are so remarkable
& You do fantastic things
I know that you're an angel
Where do you hide you're wings
I've seen what you can do
Look what you've done with me
I have become a better man
& I want the world to see
The beauty that you have
& The love you always bring
I know that you're an angel
Where do you hide your wings?

by Cosme' Jaimes for my Angel 15/01/2001


Never Doubt Who Loves You

Never doubt who loves you,
never doubt who cares.
Never doubt who's heart you're in,
or even who's prayers.

Never doubt like I did,
never keep it to yourself.
Never think he wouldn't love you,
he might feel the same way himself.

Never wait and say you'll tell him,
because he might have to leave.
Never wait a single moment,
to let yourself believe.

He might love you deep in his heart-
and he may have loved you,
loved you right from the start.

I learned the hard way
and told him too late.
He told me he loved me too
without even a date.

Then he told me something new
something that made me cry.
He told me he was moving
I just wanted to die.

He told me he loved me for the whole year
he told me he was afraid to tell me.
I told him the same,
and wanted him to hold me.

He had to go, the moving truck came near.
I squeezed his hand and started to cry as he said
"I will always love you" into my ear.

That was the last sight of him
that I ever got.
I never saw him again
and I missed him a lot.

If you don't want this to happen to you,
I suggest you tell him now.
He will probably love you too
and at least you ever knew.
At least you find out on a date
because I found out when it was too late.



Don't get too carried away,
Don't mean things that you say.
I almost lost you,
over something simple too.
Don't be dramatic over me,
If I had hung up the phone, where would you be?

This is a long story
over a guy that almost lost his life.
He says he loves me,
and thinks I'm gonna be his wife.

So one day he got real sad
and I said I wouldn't hang up till he was ok
If I had hung up, it would've been bad
he wouldn't be here today.

I thought this guy was hot
in class at school
my friend asked if he'd go to a dance w/ me and
he said he would not
And the guy that liked me found out,
and it wasn't cool.

The guy that liked me said he was gonna go.
He said he was gonna hang up the phone.
I said "please stay, you're sad-I know"
his voice sounded different, like a diffent tone.

A week later, he told me something.
He told me he was gonna commit suicide if we had hung
up,and I started crying.
I told him that he'll always be by my side.

I told him that that was dumb
and he promised me he wouldn't try again.
When he told me that he'd be gone, my body went numb.
Everyday I talk to him and ask how his day has been

It scares me alot
to think he'd be gone.
When i never even thought
this could've been done.
So pay attention to who you make sad,
they could be holding a knife.
It can either turn out bad,
or you could save a life.



Why did you leave?
Why couldn't you stay?
What went wrong?
On what day?

Why are you gone?
Why am I alone?
Why won't you come back,
and change the tone?

Will you ever come back,
or will I continue to cry?
I'm going to be wondering,
until I die.

I missd you.
I loved you.
I kissed you.
I hugged you.

I have all the memories in the world
I had a dream.
Together was right,
we were like a team.

I think about you all the time,
again and again
when I was yours
and you were mine.

You lasted the longest,
you were my "dear"
When life is not more,
will be when I shed my last tear.

Previous three poems by Stephanie 14/01/2001


I Love You

I wish I could give you all that you gave me,
To describe how happy you have made me be.
The joy I feel when I'm with you,
I canít believe it's all so true

I canít wait to see your smile,
It makes my day worthwhile.
You bring happiness to my life,
And take away all of my strife.
I guess what I am trying say,
Is that you bring joy to my day.

You make me happy when I am mad,
and dry my tears when I am sad.
Every time we were together,
I want it to stay that way always forever.

I am thinking of you.
And I love you.

I wrote that about my girlfriend and gave it to her
thank you
In Christ,
Bryan 14/01/2001



ive spent time watching you
and everytime...
love springs into me,
simple joy that envelopes
my body.

it wells from my heart
and devours all of me
over and over...it never stops

im almost sorry for myself,
i get entrap
in the beauty at your gaze

and then you smile
you laugh, eventhough
it's not mine, I see
butterflies in your eyes

I crave for your moment
I'll always long for your sight
and along in this madness
im enslave...
i hope my love
apologizes to you...

jp 13/01/2002

For Annemaria... Timeless love

Time after time

I watch and realise

The reflection of love

that sparkles in your eyes

In due time

Everyone will see
That our love

Is truly meant to be

Our love is timeless

It will last forever

It shall not end

Not now, not ever

Cause every day, every minute

Of every hour

Our love grows

Like an eternal flower

As vivid and beautiful
As a white turtledove

To symbolize our feelings

To symbolize "true love"

Richard 13/01/2001

Tell me...

Is it true, or is it not?
This love for you,
I've forgot.
You've told me time and again,
That you will be here,
Until the end.
Then one day,
You ran out the door,
And said you were going to the store.
It seemed so strange,
So i followed you.
Then suddenly,
My whole world turned so blue.
You held her close,
and told her you loved her,
Tell me...
How could you cheat on me with my best friend?

By: Ashley Woosley 12/01/2001


Beyond Your Reflection

I tell you all the time,
I guess you just do not see.
You are beautiful in every way ... well at least you are to me.
It is visible on the outside,
But that's not all there is to see.
You posses that certain quality, that is inevitable to me.
I could list all the wonderful things about you,
But this you have to see...
There aren't enough trees in the world, to supply me with the paper I would need!
Your laugh, your smile, I could write scrolls that stretch for miles,
But still you doubt me!
Is this because I see something that many guys have failed to see?
I will never do anything to hurt you or make your gentle heart ache...
Oh yes, My Princess, I tell you now... This is the promise that I make!
So whenever you are mad-or life gets you very sad,
Just open and give your heart to me...
I will cherish it- I will not abuse it,
I will set your mind and spirit free.
Remember... You are beautiful, I Love You, and You are everything to me!
by: Zachary Boivin 12/01/2001



Could i hold your hand
and feel your touch?
Could i guide your eyes
to watch the stars
shown into my eyes?
Could i sing a song
to calm your heart
and right the wrongs?
I do and I will
If you could know
I would and more...

Jac Pangilinan 12/1/2002


The Angel I Found

I need angel to hold and care for,

The hard part is to find this angel I adore.
I searched every mountain and every canyon;
Iím just looking for that one companion.

The angel I was seeking to find appeared in my mind,
not finding this angel is like being confined.
This angle I seek I canít stop thinking about,
I want to stop searching because thereís a doubt.

I lost all my hope and I almost gave up
I have tried my hardest but it wasn't enough
Why can't I just find her, I'm feeling so lost
To just see her face I would pay any cost

I wish that I could see this angel with my own two eyes
I have searched so long and just to see her is a prize
My quest to find true love will have to cease for now
For I have met someone who I think is HER somehow

This girl caught me off guard and it came as a surprise
The lord has surely sent me an angel in disguise
I finally got smart and I have finally got a clue
The angel I was searching for: is you!

By: Mike Smith

To Stacey Goins my inspiration. 12/01/2001


From the first time I saw you
I knew it was love at first sight
your face so sweet
your eyes so fair
your lips so fine
your smile so gentle when you look at me
i just want to caress your body like a little baby
Who's skin is soft and sweet
your the only one for me
Nothings going to change that
Not you, not me, not anybody

Anon 11/01/2001

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